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TGIF Tunes is a weekly feature that will highlight some of Broadway’s best music, from both currently running productions and past fan favorites. Join us every Friday for new playlists that are centered around a variety of unique themes to fit the season.

What is a flop? Defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, a “flop” is a noun that means “a complete failure.” In the theater world, the word “flop” is used to describe a production that is commercially not a success, one that typically closes shortly after it opens.

Though financially not a success, there have been many flops that produce songs that have cemented themselves in the musical theater cannon, becoming either audition standards or cult favorite. Carrie, Cry-Baby, American Psycho, Bright Star… the list of shows with memorable songs goes on and on. This Friday, our #TGIF Tunes is dedicated to highlighting some standout performances from our favorite flops. What is your song from a flop? Tweet us @broadwaydirect and let us know!

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